Question about SYS_COMPANION being depricated

I read the following in github #11327 regarding SYS_COMPANION being depricated.

 * TELEM2 as companion computer link (deprecated)
 * This parameter is deprecated. Do not change it, use the more generic serial
 * configuration parameters instead.
 * This parameter is deprecated and will be removed after 1.9.0. Use the generic serial
 * configuration parameters instead (e.g. MAV_0_CONFIG, MAV_0_MODE, etc.).

Does this mean we will no longer use TELEM2 to connect companion computers? If not then what port will be used?
I currently use RPi’s on all my drones connected to TELEM2 to send missions to PX4. What changes will I have to make when v1.9.0 comes out?


You can still use TELEM2, the changes are explained here

If all goes as expected, you will not have to change any parameters, the new ones will be applied automatically.