Question about Mixer in fmu.cpp

I want to konw how the control value in the control topic such as actuator_controls_0 (published in mc_att_control_main.cpp) is transmitted to pwm port,
So I look at the fmu.cpp, it shows:

I looks like that we call the function MixerGroup::mix.
Then I look at the mixer_group.cpp:

so about the function “mixer->mix” called in the picture above, which “mix” is it?
it seems to be " Mixer::mix " but I cannot find it in mixer.cpp

or I am wrong?

if anyone konws please tell me and I am trying to figure out the transmission of control value

HERE I have found answer but I can’t delect this post…


Hey, Maoquan232, I am also puzzled by this question.
I want to know what will happen after publishing the topic “actuator_controls_0”. How the control value in the control topic is transmitted to pwm port?
Have you already solved this problem?
Any help will be appreciated.

Did you know how to convert actuator_control_0 to pwm?
I also find some code which you posted last time. But i am not clear that where is fmu.cpp called? It has to be called form rcS or somewhere, right?

I have the same confusion. Have u solved it ?