QGCPopupDialog reported an error Unknown component

Hello, when I use the project, I want to open MainRootWindow.qml with Qt Quick Designer. Basically, the components of QGC report the error Unknown componet. I am a novice using QGC and need to modify some UI layout. But when designing the page, I encountered such an error. I want to know if I missed the imported files, I hope to get your guidance, thank you very much

QGroundcontrol does not use the QtQuickdesigner.

Open the .qml files in the normal QtCreator Editor.

Thank you for your help, now I have another question. That is, such an error will be reported when the setLatitude property is set separately in .qml.
TypeError: Property’setLatitude’ of object 46?? 27’ 33.4" N, 7?? 34’ 6.4" E is not a function
I tried to convert various data types for this kind of problem, but I still cannot pass in the value. How can I solve this kind of problem?

Lat and Lon in computer programs are nearly always using format “decimal degrees”.

Eg: “47.123567” (negative values for South or West)

Just the User Interface often accept different formats, like DMS (Degrees Minutes Seconds)