QGC Health View - silent

The manual in on page https://docs.qgroundcontrol.com/master/en/FlyView/FlyView.html
describes that: "QGroundControl will switch to this page automatically if any systems change to unhealthy."*

This does not happen. The health view has to be manually selected by the user to be visible.

To test it, simply run a mission with SITL (with e.g ArduPlane 4.X), and set “param set SIM_GPS_DISABLE 1” in the mavproxy console. GPS sensor changes then to state error, the health view does not pop up automatically.
On manually selecting the Health View the GPS error can be seen.

Is this a simple bug, or is this by design? Are there good reasons to not pup up the health view? Is there a link to discussion or bug entry for this issue?
Tested with the current QGC 4.1.1 and an old one: QGC 3.5.2.