Qgc from mission planner

I have a hexacopter iv built. Tried setting up in mission planner as i thought this was the only way. Then found QGC. Had no issues what so ever using QGC. I have retracts and led lights which connect to aux ch on px4. For the life of me i cant configure them.read through the instructions and searched on here but getting no where fast. Any good simple videos on how to do this. Thanks in advance.

Iv just read that the pixhawk doesnt output 5v on centre rail of pins. Is this correct.

Correct, you need to power the servo rail separately.

Next question then. In the setup ( radio ) i can select which ch aux 1 is and which aux 2 is. Iv set aux 1 as ch 8 and aux 2 as ch 9. Set up ch 8 and 9 on my taranis to 2 different sw. So if i connect sig wire from retracts to furthest sig pin to the right of px4 and operate sw on ch 8 controlling aux 1 it should operate retracts. OR is aux 1 the pin furthest to the left of aux pins.

Pin 50 being aux 1 and 51 being aux 2 … ??