PX4 uORB message ID capped at 255

Using v1.13.1:
I’m trying port my code to the newest PX4 version and found that the existing number of uORB IDs is about 231, stored in a uint8_t. On adding my messages, that number jumped to 270, which no longer fits. I’ve tried increasing the data type for the ID to a uint16_t in
uORB.h: orb_metadata
UORBDeviceMaster.hpp/cpp: _node_exists[][]
logger.h: MSG_ID_INVALID, LoggerSubscription::msg_id, _excluded_optional_topic_ids, _next_topic_id
loggertopics.h: MAX_TOPICS_NUM, excluded_optional_topics_id
and poked at the

(Since MAX_TOPICS_NUM sets an array size, I set it to the ORB_TOPICS_COUNT (~270) instead of 65535)

I’m still getting hardfault on boot, triggered by commander.
Does anyone have any other ideas? I’m currently picking my way through the commander code, hunting for some place where the size of the ORB_ID is assumed to be 8-bit.


FYI, anyone coming to this later, the value is no longer capped to 255. This was done in uorb: allow for more than 255 uORB messages by bkueng · Pull Request #21923 · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub but merged AFTER PX4 v1.14 release candidate (so should be in PX4 v1.15).