PX4 Sync / Q&A: May 15, 2024


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Congratulations to @Jaeyoung-Lim for winning the “Best Workshop Paper Award” at ICRA 2024

Merging the two weekly calls
Starting this week, we have decided to merge the two weekly calls to streamline our coordination and community duties.

Release Discussion

Last Call for Release v1.15
Please mark issues and PRs accordingly. We plan to release it by June 12th, 2024.

Project Board for Tracking Release

Project’s Release Cadence
Discussion about smaller cadence and predictability
Strict schedule on when this happens

Alternating Release Objectives

  • Feature Release focused
  • Issue and Performance focused

Steps (12 x Week Schedule?)

  • Planning
  • Review target milestones
  • Feature Freeze
  • Release

How to review Project Board progress

  • Triage bugs
    • Bugs without priority
    • Unassigned bugs
    • Issues without category
  • Review backports
  • Review release progress


VOXL 2 Board specific Shutdown Hook

[draft] Space Support for PX4 by @Pedro-Roque

Septentrio Driver Updates

Parameter to always start MAVLink on USB

Check if PX4 is Logging

KConfig for minimal functionality
For running MAVLink on a CAN Node

MacOS Build Issues with Python dependencies

Add fuel tank support (needs review) @TSC21

EKF2: EV vel/pos only use EV q if enabled and valid

How to backport NuttX changes? by @TOTON95

  1. Get commits into NuttX Upstream
  2. Send a PR to PX4 NuttX Fork
  3. If it cleanly applies ask for a review

Rogue submodule found @MaEtUgR

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