PX4 Sync / Q&A: July 10, 2024

PX4 Sync / Q&A: July 10, 2024


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Release Discussion

Just couple fixes before the release are left.


  • @LudovicVanasse There is a question mentioned in reply to this thread regarding a custom task locking in the logger.
    @dagar: checking in details with perf counters to find out what is going on

  • Range finder terrain estimate polling mechanism and how to address it. Two logs below:

1- No Flare: https://review.px4.io/plot_app?log=db265314-1698-41c5-9d3b-cf587943545d

2- Flare: https://review.px4.io/plot_app?log=6463b56d-fa4b-4fe6-97a7-de1e6c045291

@dagar vehicle local pos and estimator uorb topics to be checked for the validity. Bottom distance has to be valid.

@AlexKlimaj suggesting to add bottom dist validity for flight review.

@Rowan_Dempster : How the sphere from mag calibration is normalized inside the sphere?

@dagar using a model to validate and normalize the raw calibration data.

Review needed

@MaEtUgR :

Hi everyone,

I’m encountering a recurring issue with our high altitude platform during flights. We experience a 5-minute log blackout and system lockup during a 1h30 flight. According to the logs, the PrintLoad in the logger module is triggered by the altitude control module, which is our own custom module. This module is relatively simple and based on the template module from the PX4 repository.

Here’s the flight review log for the flight test: Flight Test Log.

I was able to reproduce the bug in less than 45 minutes over the weekend. Once the system locks up, it remains locked and does not recover.

Here’s the flight review log for the weekend test: Weekend Test Log.

Last Monday night, I conducted a 13-hour test in an office setting without the altitude control module, and everything worked fine throughout the test. I am continuing to perform more tests to further isolate the issue.

Here’s the overnight test log: Overnight Test Log.

Has anyone encountered similar issues with modules triggering the PrintLoad in the logger module? Any insights or suggestions on what might be causing this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Best regards,