PX4 SITL not geotagging images

I am trying to use PX4 SITL to validate an enhancement for survey missions, but I need to have the images geotagged, unfortunately, they are coming without it.

I tried to use the log file and the images but it didn’t work either.

I noticed that the instructions that mention geotagged images refer to the plane_cam model, but the typhoon_h480 (which I am using) uses the same plugin:

<plugin name="GeotaggedImagesPlugin" filename="libgazebo_geotagged_images_plugin.so">

I would appreciate deeply if someone could help me to get this working. I plan to run the geotagged images of mcmillan airfield with different parameters on a photogrammetry software and compare the results, hence the use of SITL, it gives me an 100% controlled environment to evaluate the performance differences.

Most likely you are missing exif according to the README

apt-get install libimage-exiftool-perl

unfortunately it isn’t that, it was already installed:

libimage-exiftool-perl is already the newest version (10.80-1).