PX4 Maintainers Call: June 20, 2023

:calendar: June 20, 2023

The maintainers meeting is a meeting for the developer team to coordinate on pressing issues and to plan the development of the PX4 Autopilot project, the community is welcome to join and listen, but wonโ€™t be able to speak unless specific access is granted ahead of time.

:selfie: Meeting Link

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Agenda

  • Finalize maintainer role description
  • Identify maintainer opportunities
  • Open mic for maintainers

:memo: Meeting Notes

PWM Outputs

  • Change from last week was merged
  • Upgrade notice for v1.14 users, you need to configure PWM

Release v1.14 Discussion

Pending Issues

  • CUAV V6X Baro Altitude Issue
  • Optical Flow Checks: Pre-flight reporting needs to be adjusted.

Upgrading Users

After the big high-level change

  • System migration
  • Actuators encouraged PWM ESC to calibrate them
  • Map the actuators, test them w/o propellers