PX4 Dev Call: March 10, 2021

March 10, 2021

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  • Community Q&A
  • Roadmap
  • High priority queue
  • Release
  • In-Depth discussions


  • Ramón Roche
  • Romain Chiapinelli
  • Farhang Naderi
  • Igor Misic
  • Roman
  • Julian Oes
  • Matthias Grob
  • Peter van der Perk
  • David Sidrane
  • Moustafa
  • Daniel Agar
  • August Lear
  • Lorenz Meier
  • Jacob Crabill
  • Jacob Christ
  • Eren Ipek
  • Serhat Aksun
  • Goncalo Atanasio
  • lhf2613
  • Serhat Aksun
  • Kalyan Sriram
  • Nicolas Martin
  • Kevin Merkel
  • Fehmi
  • Mike
  • Adwait
  • Nick Landry
  • Leon
  • Jinger
  • 通通
  • Serhat Aksun
  • Valentin
  • Canberk
  • Numan (Titra)

Community Q&A

  • @Romain_Chiappinelli Author of SIH simulation on hardware has the intention to extend the SIH infrastructure with:

    • Running the current SIH infrastructure as SITL (software in the loop)
    • Enable replay in SIH possibly on hardware

    The replay module requires C++ std library elements so it’s involved to make it work on the hardware. Hence starting with enabling the usage of SIH without hardware makes sense. SIH uses the uORB interface. First step without lockstep e.g. jmavsim.

    For updates see SIH replay and SITL

  • Peter van der Perk (NXP) is contributing to UAVCAN v1 both on the PX4 side and also on the accessory side. His goal is to unify the usage and have a good way to configure the build in a similar way. He has a proof of concept pr to reuse Kconfig which is already deployed to configure the NuttX built. Discussion about CMake vs config file (e.g. json) vs Kconfig in terms of dependencies, usability for adopters on different platforms. The adopter should have an assisted configuration showing the options he has. A lot of the dependencies are implicitly given by what you build for. So the main purpose of the build and the pin mappings need to be configurable and the dependencies should be configured automatically. Follow-up at the end of the call.

  • August Lear is part of a university project and he’d like to simulate a custom airframe that is not yet supported by sitl_gazebo. Ask for help on slack channel #simulation, GitHub or Discuss.

  • Adwait is working at a university. He’s looking into using the SITL interface usage with ignition gazebo. Ask for help on slack channel #simulation, GitHub or Discuss. JFYI @Jaeyoung-Lim

  • @david_s5 ARM GCC 7 fails certain builds because of flash overflow.
    There needs to be an error for old GCC versions and instructions to use the setup script which needs to update GCC to the supported version for you.

  • Goncalo Atanasio is trying to get the Crazyflie 2.1 working with optical flow put the position does not get valid and he can’t use position mode. @MaEtUgR look up the pointers there were previously already people who had this issue probably even with a Crazyflie. There’s a draft unsupported branch that allows initialization without magnetometer heading on EKF2. JFYI @Paul_Riseborough

Here’s the mentioned branch: https://github.com//PX4//PX4-ECL//compare//master...priseborough:noMagOptFlowBugFix-wip2
The options were briefly discussed on PX4 slack and the history is gone.


Discussion based on board: https://github.com/orgs/PX4/projects/25

High priority queue

Discussion based on board: https://github.com/orgs/PX4/projects/24


In-Depth discussions

For smaller groups expanding technical discussions, stay until the end and follow up.

If you have any feedback or corrections please comment on this post.

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I would like to implement a replay mode and an SITL mode for the SIH. Can we discuss that on Wednesday?
I think with minimal direction to begin with, I should be able to do it.



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We are also discussing a proposal to add UAVCANv1 menufconfig for configuring UAVCANv1 peripherals by Peter van der Perk