Pwm info failed with v1.7.4

1、using command ‘pwm info’ in shell with v1.7.4,the pixhawk v5 reboot,but it’s ok with v1.7.3.

2、the device of /dev/pwm_output1 is not exsit, but rc.interface enable aux mixer for FMU-v5 with v1.7.4.
so how to regesiter device of pwm_output1? @bkueng

thank you for you answer.

v1.7.4 beta,that is not main pwm parameters.


There were some recent HW changes to the (final) v5 board. we tested your commands on the latest hw and they work fine.

What did the HW changes?
We made some boards about v5 according to the configure before.
Can you share a link to tell me what changes?

This PR describes the changes: It has a link to the updated Pinout.

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It is very helpful.