Progress with MATEKF405 target support

I’ve added support for the MATEKF405 target to Bootloader, and posted the results here: GitHub - bgat/Bootloader at matekf405

I’m working on Firmware support, here:

I’ll submit pull requests for both when things are farther along.

Right now, all you can do is make matekf405_default upload, and it works so long as you boot the board after the uploader starts searching for it.

For reasons I can’t pin down, the board won’t talk to QGC or anything else after it boots. At one time I had it talking to QGC, but then it stopped when I updated board.h to add support for the MPU6000. I can’t figure out what I changed that broke things.

Anyone have any idea why a board that I know is capable of talking to QGC…isn’t now? It has to be a software config problem somewhere, but I can’t spot it yet.



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BTW, all my testing is being done on a MatekSystems F405_CTR board. I have a couple other Matek boards here too, and I’ll confirm they all work before I declare the support “ready for candidate release”.


I am curious to know if you got it to work? I have a matek f405 wing and would like to try putting px4 on it as well.

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Kitso, bgat, any updates on the PX4 for Matek F405 project? I’m in a similar situation and looking to see what options are available. Thanks

@bgat, any progress on Matek 405?

The Omnibus F4 SD Target and Bootloader should actually make it possible to generate a successful boot process on various unsupported F405 boards, after which you can check whether sensors and IO are addressed at the correct ports. With Betaflight installed on the controller, you can simply read off all ports target pins in the CLI dump under Resources. This procedure worked perfectly for me with a Mamba F405 mk2.