Problem installing mavlink-router

Hello everyone,
I am a total newb at Mavlink. I follow the installation procedure on the following page

but in the end I get the following when I try to run mavlink-routerd:
“Could not open conf file ‘/etc/mavlink-router/main.conf’ (No such file or directory)”.
Indeed there is no “main.conf”, there is also no mavlink-router folder in /etc. However, the make and make install commands do not complain.

Does someone know what to do? Please help, I have been going through the steps of the installation like 15 times, I cannot find what I am doing wrong… Any pointers would be appreciated!

A nerd in need

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@arta To check if the mavlink-router is properly installed, you can check by manually putting mavlink endpoints following the instructions here. If this works it means that mavlink-rotuer is properly installed.

In this case you can just put a configuration file yourself from the sample config file

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Thanks will try and edit tmw.

As said above, it doesn’t install the default conf file. You don’t really need it. You can supply one as an argument, pass endpoints as args, or put one in the default location.

I see now as stated on the readme,

“It’s also possible to use a .conf file to set options for mavlink-routerd. By default, mavlink-routerd looks for a file /etc/mavlink-router/main.conf. File location can be overriden via MAVLINK_ROUTER_CONF_FILE environment variable, or via -c switch when running mavlink-routerd. An example of conf file can be found on examples/config.sample”

Thank you for bringing my attention to this.
Have a nice day!

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