Policy for DronecodeSDK dependencies

Looking at the source code of DronecodeSDK, it seems that it is oriented to be dependency free.

Do the authors want to continue using this method?? or some plugins can have some dependencies ??

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We already have a couple of dependencies actually, some are pulled in using git submodules, others like gRPC are pulled by cmake as external projects and then built in the build folder only.
The latter is the preferred way in the future.

We do try to keep the dependencies minimal but it’s also a trade-off with convenience obviously, not everything should be rewritten from scratch.

What do you have in mind? What would like to see added?

I would have added boost asio to manage the connections part and boost log to do the entire log,

However the actual implementations are very good, that is the reason why I thought you have some kind of policy considering the SDK development.

Yer, I don’t really know much about boost except that it’s a dependency, so I never considered it. :grinning:. Something that brings an event loop would have probably made sense though.

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boost and asio would definitely make sense in this context. Boost and asio dependencies shouldn’t even count as dependencies anyway :slight_smile: