Pixracer crash after changing SYS_COMPANION to 921600


I am building px4fmu-v4_default and trying to test in HITL simulation mode. After changing the param SYS_COMPANION to 921600 as suggested by HITL Simulation · PX4 Developer Guide, the Pixracer kept crashing each time and cannot boot properly even after modifying the rcS start up script. And now every time boot up, will prompt the crash log as below:

[boot] There were 13 reboots with Hard fault that were not committed to disk -

Enter B - Continue booting
Enter C - Clear the fault log
Enter D - Dump fault log

During the first time crash, the coredump can be logged on the sd card and attached as well. Thanks for any help.


fault_2000_01_01_02_40_29.pdf (28.3 KB)

did u try to reflash the px4fmu firmeware ? do you flash it using qground or by building it manually in the terminal ?

i got a pixer running uart on telem 2 at 921600 baud rate and it works.


Figure out the reason that the SYS_COMPANION param was accidentally changed to 419200 instead of 921600 by QGC. Change to 921600 and can work fine.