PixHawk4 mini - RC in or PPM

Hi guys, i need a clarification about how to right connect receiver to Pixhawk4 mini. I have an Holybro QAV250 development kit and R-XSR (access protocol) in sbus. I have connected it to RC IN port (via sbus) but sems that QAV not respond in the right way to trasmitter input (roll, yaw, …) . I read in

that RC IN should not be used to connect receiver but only PPM port that should support also SBUS.

Which is the correct reciver installation? Because there are some conflicting info :face_with_raised_eyebrow:!

Depends what flight stack you’re using. For px4, follow the px4 instructions. For ArduPilot, use the ArduPilot instructions (and perhaps ask at discuss.ardupilot.org).

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Many thanks for fast reply!
I have loaded Ardupilot stack 4.03 (latest).
Could you be so kind to share right link of the two instruction for each stacks?