Pixhawk Payload Standard Connector and CAD

I am interested in the Pixhawk Payload Standard recently released, but have a few concerns that I thought should be brought up:

A. On the Pixhawk Payload Standard PDF it provides links to the connectors used, however each of these links leads to a error 404 page and are thus not useful. I would also add that these connectors seem complex to source, at least when searching from the US.

B. On the Pixhawk Payload Standard PDF a specific quick-release mechanism is proposed and shown in CAD, but I cannot find design files. Are these available?

C. Just as a comment, the standard mentions the intention for “advanced sensors” in payloads which makes me think of payloads that need to send raw images to a companion computer for CV processing. In future standards, it might be nice to include a few optional MIPI lines.