Pixhawk orientation roll 90 yaw 270 is absent in the list

Hi! My flight controller is oriented Yaw 270 then Roll 90. But there is no such orientation in list of available orientations during sensor calibration.

How can I set up for such configuration?

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What I did so far is added new orientation to rotation.h, rotation.cpp, sensor_params.c. And now as I’m selecting my new custom orientation number for SENS_BOARD_ROT parameter I’m seeing HUD shows irrelevant orientation. Also plane position during calibration is shown incorrect.

In order to nail down the problem I’m just copied the code from ROTATION_ROLL_270_YAW_270 to my newly created orientation. And still see some irrelevant orientation which is nether orthogonal to ground fixed frame.

I tested the same in sitl_gazebo. Modified orientation of IMU to be consistent with ROTATION_ROLL_270_YAW_270, ensured proper HUD readings. Then as I change SENS_BOARD_ROT to my custom number (which uses the same exactly code copy pasted from ROTATION_ROLL_270_YAW_270) I starting seeing HUD drifts to some irrelevant position.

Any hints? What have I missed?

I started an issue in Firmware bug tracker.
The code changes can be seen in commits to firmware (1, 2) ans sitl_gazebo.

One more issue found during investigation is standard_vtol irrelevant orientation even with standard SENS_BOARD_ROT = 26. While iris model works as expected for SENS_BOARD_ROT = 26 and still not works for the newly added orientation the same way as real hardware not works either.