PIXHAWK motors do not spin when ARMED

Hey guys, I’m using pixhawk 6c and pm07 power module and airframe F450 (I am using PX4 firmware version :1.13.3). Arming works fine, get a solid green light, but motors do not spin. You can watch the video to see my problem more clearly.

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Try enabling SYS_CTRL_ALLOC, I had kinda the same issue and that’s how I resolved it.

when i disable that parameter SYS_CTRL_ALLOC , 4 motors spin when i arm, but when i enable this parameter SYS_CTRL_ALLOC, i arm and it has arm sound but 4 motors dont spin.

There’s a few things I can see that might be causing your problem, but if 4 motors are spinning when that is disabled is your problem fixed?

Other than that, to fix your current issues, you probably need to

  1. Under geometry, select 4 motors and put in their coordinates
  2. Use OneShot as the protocol for all your motors. Right now, motors 2,3 and 4 are using PWM400

Hope this helps!

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Salut à toi,
Si tu reprends ta photo, tu vois que ta géométrie n’est pas construite. Il faut que tu déclares tes n moteurs et tu verras ton quadri se dessiner juste en dessous :slight_smile:
PS. En général, c’est en mode manuel qu’il faut faire le test sans quoi, pas d’armement
-------------------------- English version
Hi to you,
If you take your photo again, you see that your geometry is not built. You have to declare your n engines and you will see your quadri drawing just below:slight_smile:
PS. In general, it is in manual mode that it is necessary to do the test otherwise, no armament

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