Pixhawk LED Blinking meaning

Hii, i new to pixhawk version 2.4.8 ,i have successfully calibrated but still the LED keeps blinking in this colour. even though GPS has been locked ,how should i fix this ?thanks.

Hi, it is described here: LED Meanings (Pixhawk Series) | PX4 User Guide

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Thanks:) But Already i referred this page . I have received a pink color led blinking ,this color was not mentioned in this page.

LED color reproduction may not be accurate. In the case of pink, I would expect it to be blinking red. Error state.

In QGC you should see what autopilot doesn’t like. There is a red/yellow or green strip at the top-left corner of the QGC. You should see some status flags, when you click on it.

Thanks:) can you suggest any video or documentation for Calibration of RC .we are using flyskyi6.when i connect drone and RC then the LED starts blinking in this color.

This does not necessarily mean that you have a bad calibration. Check what QGC says for preflight states. (mentioned top-left corner)