Paid work on offer for Pixhawk support

Hi looking to engage with someone for a project i have in mind, New Zealand based preferably but remote communication will be fine to get some direction. I am building UGV that uses hydraulic arms and motors.
Firstly i would be happy to pay someone for phone or video consultation who has fairly extensive knowledge into pixhawk controllers, control software and their abilities.
Initially to ascertain the complexity of such a project and if im heading in the right direction with product type.
Or if there is any companies/businesses that anyone knows that provide such services will be helpful.
Thanks in advance.

Hi, Dean
Hope you are doing well.

We have previously worked on some drone projects before, such as:: pipeline inspection_detection_monitoring robot, USV for water_quality_monitoring (ongoing), AGV with arms for multipurpose .

As for PIXHAWK : We have used it, but we were more captivated in using the MAVLINK protocol which used in PIXHAWK devices for communication purpose.

My job to create code libraries for the AGV (ongoing), so other developers can use the AGV. I am an independent researcher at my current workplace while doing my Masters

If you still need any assistance lemme know, maybe we can help
email :

Thank You
Take Care