OFFBOARD Mode Rejected in Motion Capture

Hi there,

I am having a problem switching to offboard mode while flying my multi-rotor in an Optitrack mocap room.

I’m currently using the MAVSDK Python API. I’ve looked at the requirements for offboard mode and feel that I am meeting them, but I’m new to this and realize I may be missing something.

I use mocap.set_vision_position_estimate() to send PX4 my mocap position with a VisionPositionEstimate msg, and I am sending waypoints with a feedforward velocity through offboard.set_position_velocity_ned() via a PositionNedYaw msg and VelocityNedYaw msg.

I have verified that the waypoints are being sent >2Hz and that the vision estimate is accurate and being published.

When I take-off manually, then use my RC to switch to offboard I get the following error message:

The mode is then automatically switched to ALTCTL.

No further info is given on this error in QGC. Is there something I may be missing here?

Thank you for any help you can give me!!

– I met similar issue, the I have LPE + Vicon, can get data fused, but rejected switch to position mode, Im trying to switch to EKF2 using vision_pose/pose msg