No connection to Kakute micro M10 GPS

I’m trying to connect GPS: Kakute micro M10, to Kakute H7-V1 FC getting “status: NOT OK”
PX4 v1.14.0

what could be wrong, and what can be the way to debug it?
Does the INFO [gps] in nsh mean that there is some connection?

nsh> gps start -d /dev/ttyS0
nsh> gps status
INFO  [gps] Main GPS
INFO  [gps] protocol: UBX
INFO  [gps] status: NOT OK, port: /dev/ttyS0, baudrate: 0
INFO  [gps] sat info: enabled
INFO  [gps] rate reading:              0 B/s
nsh> INFO  [gps] u-blox firmware version: SPG 5.10
INFO  [gps] u-blox protocol version: 34.10