New uORB message definition problem

Hi everyone, I’m trying to add an HOSM control to PX4 architecture based on the linearization property of the system for a multicopter.
In order to do to i need to add new topics but i have some errors.

I’ve created a .msg file than added its name to the CmakeList…
The error i got is the following:

‘__orb_control_feedback’ was not declared in this scope

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I tried some of my typical mistakes but could not reproduce that exact error. All my mistakes result in:

: fatal error: use of undeclared identifier '__orb_bus_foo'; did you mean '__orb_bus_guid'

What was your exact error message?

The error in the terminal is this one.

The strange thing is that i have another message defined that give no problem at all.

I can repro like this (msg/foo.msg):

uint64 timestamp
float32 foo

# TOPICS custom_name


/* register this as object request broker structure */

I have learned that when I want to add topics using # TOPICS I have to explicitly list the default name, too.

uint64 timestamp
float32 foo

# TOPICS foo custom_name

Ofc, I don’t know if that’s what has happened in your case.


Wow, that solved my problem.

Thanks a lot, it could have taken days to me to find out the problem.

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