Need Help for a release

Hello,I am just begin to develop a qgroundcontrol to add some features for my project,but I have the problem when I build my project in a release mode and finish creating a QGroundControl AppImage, this AppImage which I build myself can’t run on other computers even though it has the entire environment for a QGroundControll.AppImage
when I run ./QGroundControll.AppImage , it reports as below:

(base) ☁  ~  ./QGroundControl.AppImage
Settings location "/home/zzk/.config/" Is writable?: true
Filter rules "*Log.debug=false\n"
VideoReceiverLog: unable to find qmlglsink - you need to build it yourself and add to GST_PLUGIN_PATH
MAVLinkLogManagerLog: MAVLink logs directory: "/home/zzk/Documents/QGroundControl/Logs"
System reported locale: QLocale(English, Latin, United States) "en_US"
Loading localization for "en_US"
Qt localization for "en_US" is not present
Map Cache in: "/home/zzk/.cache/QGCMapCache300" / "qgcMapCache.db"
QQmlApplicationEngine failed to load component
qrc:/qml/MainRootWindow.qml:339 Type FlightDisplayView unavailable
qrc:/qml/QGroundControl/FlightDisplay/FlightDisplayView.qml:440 Type FlightDisplayViewVideo unavailable
qrc:/qml/QGroundControl/FlightDisplay/FlightDisplayViewVideo.qml:80 Type QGCVideoBackground unavailable
qrc:/qml/QGroundControl/FlightMap/QGCVideoBackground.qml:19 module "org.freedesktop.gstreamer.GLVideoItem" is not installed

qt.positioning.geoclue2: Unable to start the client: "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied" "Geolocation disabled for UID 1000"
QGCPositionManager error 0
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