MPC_ALT_MODE= terrain following during offboard flight

hi guys
we made some test flights and noticed some small changes in the quadcopter hight during the flight .
we using lidar and flying thrugh straight line in constant hight that we send (1.5m) .

we trying to configure what will be the best parameters to get constant height we are flying very slowly .
currently our settings are :
MPC_ALT_MODE= terrain following
EKF2_RANGE_AID= enable
EKF2_HGT_MODE= barometric pressure.

is it possible that terrain following with lidar getting also map heights that effect the inconsistent height during the offboard flight?

any help will be much appreciate @JulianOes

Sorry, I have never played with these params. Let me ping @bresch.

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Terrain following only work in Altitude and Position modes, it’s not implemented for other modes.

Thanks bresch
What about terrain hold?

Same thing, those alt modes are for position control, unfortunately not offboard or mission.