Motors on MAIN disarming "randomly"

I have built out my flight controller using the Simulink PX4 toolbox (so as a result have to use 1.12), so some of the commander functions have been disabled (primarily the arming and kill switch, that is all handled on the Simulink side). I have noticed that I will arm the motors and they will spin for about 10.5 seconds and then disarm. I need to do a hard reboot of the Pixhawk to resolve the disarm. I have noticed on the output log file that right before disarming the motors, commander reports:
[commander] Armed by RC
Then immediately after
[commander] Takeoff Detected

and then the motors disarm < 1 second later and there is no more information on the log file (I have if configured so the logger is started based on my RC arm switch). I have verified that the AUX channels are still operational throughout. The log file is not indicating a failsafe has occurred.

Anyone know if there is a lockdown or disarm condition that could be triggered? Is there any way to get a more robust logger output? Nothing else notable in the full console shell. Currently have GPS disabled.

check these parameters.

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Thanks for the tips! I tried playing with (and disabling) those parameters and the same behavior is happening. Any other tips for getting a more robust logged message out or other failsafes that could be triggering?