Modelling and Embedded Software Developer, Finland

This is your chance to join the only airship company in Northern Europe. Your role is to develop airship models and controls related software – the brains of Kelluu. You will work in the avionics team modeling, testing, and augmenting software for our unmanned airship autopilot and flight controls. In addition you can contribute towards hardware choices and systems design. Knowledge of Finnish language is not necessary, but you must be able to communicate in English in order to work with our international airship development team.

What you need to be successful:
*Experience in C++, Python and Git
*Experience of embedded system coding
*Excellent team working and communication skills
*Strong problem-solving skills

*PX4 Open Source Autopilot knowledge or contributions
*Experience in modeling controls with (fixed wing / submarine / multicopter / airship) flight dynamics
*Experience of drone avionics or drone embedded system programming
*Experience of drones or other flying machines electrical and electronics systems
*Test automation development experience

The work takes place in our airship factory in Joensuu, Finland (located approximately 5 hour drive away from the capital Helsinki). The factory is located seven kilometers off from the Joensuu city center and is reachable by bus or car. The parking is free at the factory. If you move to Finland from abroad, we can help you to find an apartment.

Salary is based on your experience level.

Want to build airships with us? Application deadline is 15th of January 2022.

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As as update note to the previous posting, Kelluu will be looking at open applications for embedded software developers for the rest of 2022. Feel free to apply.