Mission Mode without RC/QGC link

Hi there, I am currently working on a fully autonomous project where I need to run a mission (which simply consists of flying to a certain location and landing) without having a connection to a receiver or a QGC data link. My plan is to upload the mission before launch, but will not be able to use the receiver or have QGC running during the mission. I am using a Pixhawk 4 on a fixed-wing aircraft using PX4 and QGC v4.1.2. My main question is: Will the aircraft still carry out the mission with both the receiver and QGC data link not connected if I disable the two failsafes for both the receiver and QGC data link?

If not, if I enable the Return Mode failsafe for the data link with Mode 2 (2: Return to a planned mission landing, if available, using the mission path, else return to home via the reverse mission path. Do not consider rally points.)), would this basically do what I am hoping for (which is to fly to a certain location and land on its own)?

Thank you in advance!