Minimum External Vision Message Rate for Position Estimation

The docs mention that an external vision system can be used with EKF2 to perform position estimation, and that the vision system should stream VISION_POSITION_ESTIMATE or ODOMETRY messages between 30 and 50 hz to be used with EKF2. The docs also mention that if the message rate is too low, then the external vision messages will not be fused.

What is the minimum required rate at which these messages need to be streamed to be used with EKF2? Is there a minimum required message rate for the LPE estimator? Can this rate be configured easily in the source code?

The documentation that I was referring to: Using Vision or Motion Capture Systems for Position Estimation | PX4 User Guide


I did not find an answer to my question regarding the EKF2 estimator. However, I did find that the local position estimator requires external vision estimates every 0.5 seconds. This value can be configured in the local position estimator module in local_position_estimator/sensors/vision.cpp.

Edit: The max interval between external vision sensor measurements for EKF2 is 0.2 s. This value is defined in the ekf2 module in ekf2/EKF/common.h.