Micrortps start usb error

anyone knows how to solve this problem?
my companion pc spec is follwing
raspberry pi 4 B / 4G RAM
ubuntun 20.04-04 server arm- raspi
ros2 version foxy
fastDDS 2.0.2/ fast rtps gen 1.0.4

Screenshot from 2022-03-03 10-58-23


from the source code [1] it looks like there could be some user permission with the device (/dev/ttyUSB1)?

[1] px4_ros_com/microRTPS_transport.cpp at master · PX4/px4_ros_com · GitHub

hi @pablojr
Thanks, your reply
I also think it and I add dialout " sudo usermod -a -G dialout $USER"
There need to some more setting ?
Anything I missed it something?