Mavros Offboard mode: is it possible to cmd roll / pitch angles while holding altitude?

I am using an oDroid to control my quadrotor, and I was wondering if there was an easy way to code up an altitude hold scenario where the pitch / roll angles are commanded. I have experience with coding all the commands in full offboard mode and switching between setpoint types (positions, velocities, etc). I would like to be able to command a position hold in the z (using lidar data), and then also be able to command an attitude setpoint.

We would ideally like to be able to maintain a relatively even altitude hold at a specified altitude, and then effectively command a constant pitch or roll angle. We can use this data, along with data from our Mocap system to create a system ID model which we need for a steering controller we are designing.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice!

For example, is it possible to switch into altitude control mode and then send “fake” (computer generated) radio signals for the pitch and roll channels via mavros?

i am also interested.

Hello guys
Did you guys find a solution to this?