MAVLink messages

In reference to using a companion computer to control the pixhawk, is there somewhere that documents what mavlink messages are sent by the autopilot (or what triggers a particular message to start being sent)? Is there somewhere that you can stop certain messages from being sent or start other messages? I started with the c_uart_interface example and am building it out to be suitable for what I’m doing.


hi jason - sorry to bother you but I am struggling to get the c_uart_interface_example to work properly on pixracer. would you mind filling me in on how you are using it, and what if anything did you do to make it work.


I’m not familiar with pixracer at all. What problems are you having and what kind of board are you trying to run the c_uart_interface on?

Thanks for getting back to me. I did resolve this issue. c_uart_interface_example was hanging after getting 1 msg. There was a lot of extraneous issues that bubbled up due to the pixracer config. But ultimately the problem was that this quad did not have gps - the example code looks for position updates bug obviously was not getting any.

again thanks for following up


yeah that’s actually kind of prompted this question to begin with–I could tell that the c_uart_interface was waiting to receive local position messages, but I didn’t know when the autopilot started sending them. I figured it had to do with GPS, but when I was testing it, I could only get weak GPS lock (4-5 sats) and it still wasn’t publishing those messages I’m assuming the LPE filter has to converge to some accuracy before those messages are published.

That makes sense. In general, I think the way to sort these things is to look at the source - i imagine the docs will catch up eventually.