Mavlink hardfault on USB connection

I am working on a port of PX4 on the Teensy4.1. I’ve got the majority of things running, to include a mavlink connection to QGC using the ESP8266. My problem is that I’d like to also be able to start up a mavlink connection over USB, but as soon as I connect my USB port to QGC, PX4 takes a hardfault.

I know the basic driver for USB is working because I can start up my board without mavlink running, then I start up a simple serial-comm program (like minicom) on the host port that is attached to the Teensy’s USB port and it does receive characters if I type “echo hello >/dev/ttyACM0” at the nsh> console. But then if I try to start mavlink on that port (mavlink start -d /dev/ttyACM0) it takes a hardfault.

Any thoughts? Are there any docs on how to debug a hardfault crash on nuttx?

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I’ve come to realize that this is really a duplicate of another question I posted…

So any further discussion on this will be done there.