LQR controller for the MC attitude Control

Hi guys!

I am very interested in applying new controller to the PX4 for example LQR, H2 and Hinf.

Are there some people work together?

Thank you!


I am interesting in this as well. I’d be up to discussing.

I would also have interest in this topic.
I see some good result when applying adaptive control in many cases but it requires quite a lot of computation power I guess and not sure if micro controller can handle it because running IMU is already a beefy task for it.


I would be interested in using and may have limited time for developing LQR/model based controllers - looks like there are already a few pixhawk LQR implementations (just google ‘lqr pixhawk’ and a few freely available papers are amongst the top hits (using PX4)) but I haven’t found any publicly available existing code bases for this.