Looking for a Graduate Students at the University of Waterloo

Computer Vision for Smart Structure Laboratory (CVISS) at the University of Waterloo, led by Dr. Chul Min Yeum, invites applications
for graduate studies (MASc, Direct Ph.D., Ph.D., Postdoc) in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Our lab focuses on practical,
application-driven research, utilizing advanced technologies to integrate intelligence into the physical built environment, aiming to
bolster infrastructure safety and resilience. A central research objective is to design, optimize, and implement 2D and 3D processing
solutions for extracting insights from drone-collected visual data. This involves close collaboration within a multidisciplinary team of
engineers and researchers, pushing the envelope of innovation in our field. We seek a passionate and highly motivated individual with
an interest in drone technology. The successful candidate will play a pivotal role in advancing our understanding and capabilities of
drones, extending their potential in smart infrastructure applications.

The detailed job description can be found here: https://cviss.net/assets/homepic/CVISS_Recruitment_Waterloo_2023_v6_CV_Drone.pdf