🍒 Join us at ROS World 2020 for an entire track dedicated to PX4 + ROS!


We have another great event for you this month: ROS World 2020

Dronecode Foundation has curated an entire track of PX4 + ROS related content from our community’s top developers and maintainers to present at this conference.

Topics covered:

  • The basics of PX4, building a simulation environment from source and using stable releases.
  • The PX4 Gazebo simulation environment, how to work, and leverage the current pipeline.
  • How to set up and control drones using MAVROS
  • How to set up and control drones using ROS 2 with the PX4 Fast-RTPS bridge.
  • How to leverage other open-source projects like QGroundControl (QGC), MAVLink, Pixhawk, and UAVCAN.
  • How our community works, how to contribute upstream, and where to go for help (:cowboy_hat_face: we are trying to engage more ROS developers to collaborate with our community!)

See the full schedule here, and register for the event for *FREE here: https://roscon.ros.org/world/2020/