[Java - Android studio] How to decode Mavlink packets


I’m currently developing an app in android studio to install in a herelink controller (which is connected to an orange cube pilot).

I’m trying to get all of the data from the cube pilot and store it in my app and visualise the data. I have managed to open a udp port (14552) which is listening to the mavlink packets and storing them. However, these messages are obviously not decoded. I have attempted to decoding them but so far I can only really decode it to hexdecimal.

Does anyone know if there is any application I can use to decode the messages using java in android studio? or if someone can give me an understanding of how to do this then I can try to write my own code for it.

I’ve seen a few applications but theyre either in a different programming language or are way too complex for what i need.

By the way, I don’t care about sending messages or commands i just want to decode the messages im currently getting to a readable format.