Is actuator_controls0 for differential drive rover actually ackermann steering control?

I am using a Holybro Pixhawk 6c and the airframe is Aion Robotics R1 UGV. It is a differential steering rover.

However, for actuator_controls0, it controls the robot using throttle and yaw. The control of throttle and yaw should be ackermann steering control instead of differential steering control.

I am confused about that because I am trying to the following
“geometry_msgs/twist” => “ackermann_msgs/AckermannDrive” => “px4_msgs/msg/actuator_controls0”

However, I found that the meaning “yaw” input of “actuator_controls” is different between differential steering rover and ackermann steering rover.

For ackermann steering rover, “yaw” means controling the front wheels to specific direction and keeping the same direction.

For differential steering rover, “yaw” input means keeping roatating the robot in specific yaw speed.

Does it mean the “actuator_controls0” for the Aion Robotics R1 UGV is neither differential steering control nor ackermann steering control?