Intentionally increasing of CPU load:


I am debugging some random fmu resets on custom firmware. I figured out, that the CPU load jumps up to nearly 100% when unplugging the BEC but leaving the Pixhawk powered over power module.
Since I am struggling to put it in Mission mode while I have the plane on the bench, I wonder if it would be possible to increase the cpu load by approx 20% . I want to check what happens if the unplugging of the bec causes the CPU load to increase further than 100%.
Thanks a lot in advance!

I think the correct way to debug your problem is to dig into the part of code related to BEC disconnection part. I really do not see any help even you can bump CPU load to 100%.

And, CPU load is not necessarily linear, i.e, you add 20% to the bottom of the curve will not sure you the same increase on top.

Hi Orico, thanks for your answer.

I tried to increase the sampling rate of the adis driver which increases the cpu load.

This confirmed your explanation. It did not at all react linear.