Integrate drones different use cases with secure operational and improved monitoring channels , "Project Proposal"

After Greetings,

The idea consists of three main components :

  • FIPS-140 hardware with its 4 levels “FIPS is the abbreviation of , Federal Information Processing Standards”.
  • Hyperledger fabric blockchain “As Operational/Monitoring channels”.
  • OTP token “OTP is the abbreviation of , One Time password”.

This project will facilitate the following functions :

  • Monitoring and controlling all of the new drone users whatever their intended use case , store data from all users to rate the operators behavior , gain insights with business intelligence and predictive analytics tools.
  • Ease a great percentage of security and authorization concerns by adding your own validation parameters.
  • The capability to cut the operation in case of any intrusion or abusive operator’s behavior.
  • Turn MAVLink vulnerabilities into a trap to detect hackers.
  • Open new job sector with new opportunities to the market under the title of “Monitoring agents”.
  • Market your commercial and civilian use cases securely and confidently.
  • Train your employees , students on the latest and the most valuable technologies out there.
  • This project will be compatible with IBM cloud services and Azure cloud services which for sure will make you capable of using their different analytics and security solutions.

I believe that i can choose the team members who can implement the project which for sure will extend the different drones use cases around the globe especially the countries which forbid it , and let the people of the countries which allow the different use cases to feel the blessing of freedom till it’s implemented all over the earth.

This is an elementary list of the roles required for implementation and deployment:

  • Blockchain developer with experience in implementing Hyperledger Fabric with “golang” programming language.
  • Communication Engineer with experience in “MAVLink” communication protocol,”Azure or IBM cloud services experience is preferred”
  • PX4 developer , “AI Engineer”.
  • Expert UAV Operations monitoring specialist.
  • Expert IoT Solutions Architect would be a good advantage “Preferred Not Essential”.
  • Cyber crime investigator.
  • UI/UX developer “With Python Strong Implementation Experience”.

Here is the main components definitions references :

Here is the top SITL “Software In The Loop” simulation and development applications :

For more information i’m aiming to be the project’s coordinator or headhunter with the company which is interested to fund the project , i’ve built and still building a strong network of connections on LinkedIn with the industry leaders,

Here is my LinkedIn profile :

I’m Striving to make an estimate for the elementary project’s flow chart , entity relationship diagram , decision tree model and budget “Every team member of the previously considered list will add his touch on these models”.

Your opinion matters as i will keep on updating the article to achieve the most accurate form.

Thanks for your time , Ahmed Alaa.

Hi Ahmed,

interesting project!

Do you need a community manager/social media manager too? I have a 2 years experience, i have been working with several blockchain start-up


Feel free to contact me on my LinkedIn profile , thanks.