Increasing frequency rate controller is run at

Hi all!

I am working on making a fault tolerant controller for PX4 and have modified the rate controller with some additions, but it currently runs at only 250 hz in the SITL simulation and I was wondering if there is any way to increase this speed to 500 hz or 1000 hz. I have tried updating the params IMU_INTEG_RATE and IMU_GYRO_RATEMAX to 1000 each with no avail. I also tried changing the max step size and the real time update rate parameters in the file in the sitl_gazebo directory and that also didn’t make a change. Does anybody have any idea how I could achieve this?



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Does anybody have any suggestions for this, any help would be much appreciated!

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I’m working exactly on the same problem, any new suggestion? I’ve already tried quite the same mentioned above.