I'm looking for a global planner and local planner launch files for px4 obstacle avoidance

Hi All,

I’m looking for roslaunch files for global planner and local planner px4 obstacle avoidance running intel realsense D435 on a real drone not in simulation.

I will appreciate any thing you are able to provide because I’ve been hacking away at this for weeks and it’s the standard supported configuration in the obstacle avoidance project so it shouldn’t be difficult for somebody who has tested it or used it to just send me what you have so I can look it over and compare it with what I’m having.
I think it’ll be a lot easier if I can just see what works and then adapt my files to that.

I will very much appreciate your help.



P.S. if you pass in variables at the command line to run roslaunch like fcu_url, etc please provide your syntax as well.