How to use the SITL gazebo camera without ROS?

My SITL using the Gazebo simulator is working fine after the command $ make px4_sitl gazebo_typhoon_h480.

I want to use Python for some computer-vision tasks using the camera feed of the SITL gazebo camera of the typhoon quadcopter model.
I want to avoid using ROS, because I won’t need any of its functionality rather than accessing the camera and subscribing to the camera topic.

Is there something like that returns a frame every time it gets called?
Can I use the gstreamer python library to access this gazebo camera? if so, how?

Please help!

Thank you.

@AhmedHisham1 The gst_camera_plugin that is used in typhoon_h480 already does not depend on ROS. You can access the udp video stream on port 5600.

This might be useful for you: issue

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Thank you!
This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.