How to use px4/avoidance with real drone

Hi, I’m trying to make a drone fly in mission mode with pixhawk controller, jetson tx2 module + j120 carrier board and realsense camera… but I am a complete beginner so forgive my shortage of information and poor English.

The real problem is that I want it to do big missions in which I am not involved. My desire is to send the drone the waypoint that I want it to go to before it takes off then it goes to that waypoint doing obstacle avoidance using px4/avoidance.

My current situation is as following…

  1. I connected the pixhawk controllet to a pc and updated the firmware and callibarated default sensors (compass and etc.)
  2. I inatalled px4/avoidance on a jetson tx2 with j120

My question are

  1. Can this project be done or not?
  2. If it can, what to do next?
  3. Is it possible to save the missions on the jetson and make the drone follow this mission without being connect to it via wifi?
  4. When I connected the pixhawk to the jetson via usb it read it and I managed to test it via mavros, but when I unplugged the usb and connected using telem1 connection it couldn’t read it. Is that ordinary or there is something wrong?

Please, if you can provide me with any advice I will really appreaciate it.