How to use both pymavlink and qgroundcontrol simultaneously

Hello, all.

I want to use both pymavlink and qgroundcontrol simultaneously.
So, in the following link , there is a guide in the bottom.
However, I couldn’t get it.
Do I need to turn on mavproxy simultaneously…?
Or, do I need to give some option to qgroundcontrol?

Thank you

Command in the pymavlink website.

Create the connection
If using a companion computer
the default connection is available
at ip and the port 14550
Note: The connection is done with ‘udpin’ and not ‘udpout’.
You can check in http: that the communication made for 14550
uses a ‘udpbcast’ (client) and not ‘udpin’ (server).
If you want to use QGroundControl in parallel with your python script,
it’s possible to add a new output port in http: as a new line.
E.g: --out udpbcast:

@ece_student You can run mavlink-router and direct the mavlink streams to different ports.