How to know what log file topics are equal to Mavlink commands? HIGHRES_IMU and LOCAL_POSITION_NED

Hi there,

I am trying to get to know what values from my .ULG log file from my pixhawk 4 mini match the same values that appear on my pymavlink script when I print:

HIGHRES_IMU x,y,z gyro values
HIGHRES_IMU x y z acceleration values
LOCAL_POSITION_NED vx vy vz values.

Can someone confirm that in the case of the HIGHRES_IMU the gyro values are the ones in the angular_velocity topic, then the acceleration values are the ones in the vehicle_acceleration topic, and the vx vy vz values are the ones in the vehicle_local_position topic?

I am asking this as I don´t know how to ensure that both my script commands and the .ULG file topic are showing the same values.

Thank you!


The way to check what data is used, is to look into what is copied into the messages, here:

e.g. for HIGHRES_IMU: PX4-Autopilot/HIGHRES_IMU.hpp at 89bb4622eff78d061b076c9f49dd97d0f4dbb689 · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub

Is there a way to check this in python? I have zero experience with C++. What kind of output is that code giving? I just want to know what is the topic in the .ulg containing the same things as I am trying to print.

Thank you for the answer!

Calling for help! @JulianOes :thinking::thinking:

No, the translation happens in C++, Python just forward MAVLink but doesn’t translate uORB, so nothing I can do about that.