How to edit PX4 firmware and used it for our purpose?

Hi There,
The reason for me to put this post is that recently I have been using Pixhawk 4 controller with PX4 firmware to build something new. I am working on creating Quadruped Robot (4-Legged Robot). I think PX4 firmware as well the Pixhawk controller play a vital role. As I just need to understand the PX4 code and edit a little bit and made it ready for the quadruped robot. But I am having a trouble to understand that where should I start. The main sensor I need for that is IMU, Force sensor integration to controller and position/angle sensor integration to the controller. The problem I am facing is that i don’t know where to start from for editing the code. Is there any guide or video in which it is explained that how to excess the Hardware for own purpose and how to flash our code in to perform.
I am waiting for your positive reply.

Have you seen these pages?

@JulianOes Thanks Julian As i new before i don’t know much. But now I have started working on the things you discussed above. I think i will not be a great elaborated source but atleast its a some way forward. I have found some chinese video lecture on the things I want but the only problem is don’t know chinese and its almost useless. But those videos are step by step explaining and developing and changing of system. I hope such kind of videos should be made in English too. It will help alot of people.

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Dear HammadT,
Hope you have gone a bit forward in your work. We are also planning to do different additions pixhawk flight controller firmware. Can you please share your inputs and also the links to Chinese lectures?
Your inputs would be highly appreciated.