How to consolidate mavlink instances

I’m facing some memory issues with the Black Cube (FMUv3) and could use some advice from the experts. Currently we have 3 mavlink instances running (Radio telemetry, Companion Computer, and a Payload).

Is this architecture way off base? Each mavlink instances takes a huge amount of memory relative to the other modules.

Is there a way to bind a single mavlink instance to multiple ports? Would it be feasible to modify the mavlink code to allow this and save on the overhead that each individual mavlink instance is creating?

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From Slack it sounds like protocol_splitter is what I’m looking for.

Ok, it seems protocol splitter is kind of the opposite thing I need - it binds a single serial port to two virtual devices /dev/mavlink and /dev/rtps.

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Hi, did you manage to handle it through the set parameter setup?

Nope. Had to just get rid of a mavlink instance and limit myself to 2.